Tech People: Introverts or Anti-social

I’ve often been mislabeled as anti-social when I’m an introvert. Has this ever happened to you? How can you tell the difference between the two personality types?

An introvert is someone who prefers to spend time alone or in small groups, while an anti-social person is someone who does not enjoy interacting with others. Both types of people can be shy or outgoing, but introverts tend to be more inward-focused, while anti-social people tend to be more interested in their own needs and desires.

There are a few key ways to tell the difference between an introvert and an anti-social person. For one, introverts are often more thoughtful and reflective than their extroverted counterparts. They may take longer to process information and make decisions, but this is because they are carefully considering all of the options. In contrast, anti-social people may rush into decisions without thinking them through, leading to impulsive or rash behavior. Additionally, introverts tend to have a narrower range of interests, while anti-social people may be quickly bored by routine or everyday activities. Finally, introverts are typically more sensitive than anti-social people and may be easily overwhelmed by loud noises or large crowds.

If you’ve been mislabeled as anti-social, don’t worry — you’re not alone! Many introverts are mistakenly seen as aloof or unfriendly when they’re simply reserved or quiet. The next time you’re unsure how to label someone, ask them about their preferred activities and interests. Chances are, you’ll be able to tell whether they’re introverts or anti-social individuals quickly.



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Shereese Maynard

Shereese Maynard


Digital Health Professional. Woman in Technology. Writer. Speaker. Hiker. She/her